About WPD Ambulance - North Battleford

WPD Ambulance (1995 - present)

WPD Ambulance Care began business in 1995. The outstanding success of WPD Ambulance can be attributed to visionary skills in the company and the ability to plan and implement strategies where opportunities are observed. As previously stated, a strategic document has been developed that guides the morals and values of the company. WPD Ambulance has a mutually agreed upon business plan through the company's partnership with the Prairie North Health Region. The success of this partnership is also attributable to the values and morals of WPD Ambulance's vision to be a leading partner in Emergency Mobile Health Services in Saskatchewan.

In 2004, WPD Ambulance introduced a Paramedic Response Unit to their fleet of vehicles. The 2004 Ford Expedition, customized by Crestline Coach from Saskatoon, is equipped with a light bar and warning devices; much similar to a conventional ambulance. The unit is stocked with Advanced Life Support supplies and is utilized by Paramedics and Supervisors to respond to various incidents within WPD Ambulance's coverage area.

In 2005, WPD Ambulance celebrated its 10 th Anniversary providing quality emergency health services to the Battlefords and area. The Staff were very active in the community, with the Santa's EMS Elves: Cram an Ambulance campaign being initiated. This initiative, just before Christmas, raised approximately $5,000.00 worth of toys that were donated to the Battleford's Empty Stocking fund. In December 2006, the campaign raised close to double that amount. Santa's EMS Elves: Cram an Ambulance will continues on an annual basis for many years to come.

In 2006, call volumes increased to the highest yet, reaching 3,600 calls in 2005/2006. With the expanding call volume, a new ambulance was purchased, and WPD Ambulance became the first ambulance service in Saskatchewan to purchase a Zoll E-Series cardiac monitor. This cardiac monitor has the capabilities to monitor a patient's heart rate, oxygen levels and end-tidal carbon dioxide levels.

In September 2006, WPD Ambulance took the initiative to become the 5 th city in Saskatchewan and the 12 th city in Canada to become heart safe. Local businesses and governments welcomed and encouraged the initiative, and as of December 2006, WPD Ambulance has placed 6 Automated External Defibrillators into the community.

In conclusion, WPD Ambulance will continue to pursue opportunities, particularly in the field of emergency mobile health services, to enhance and expand its operations. Of particular note is the increasing potential to expand in the delivery of community-based health services through prevention, treatment and aftercare programs.

Coverage Area

Our coverage area is indicated in the map shown below.

Coverage Area

Fleet of Vehicles

Unit 54UNIT 54
Design: MX 144
Year: 1999
Chassis: Ford E350
Design:  Crestline Fleetmax
Chassis: Chev Express 3500
Unit 55UNIT 55
Design: New Era
Year: 2006
Chassis: Ford E350
Unit 59UNIT 59
Design: Crestline Fleetmax
Year: 2010
Chassis:Ford E350 
Unit 56UNIT 56
Design: Ford Expedition 4x4
Year: 2004

Unit 57

Design: Fleetmax
Year 2008
Chassis: Ford E350